Frequently Asked Questions :

Each instructor’s computer is outfitted with a webcam. (You do not need a webcam.) Most instructors use
the camera during the introductions and briefly when coming back from breaks so that you will be able to
put a face to the voice. The video of the instructor is not running throughout the course. You will, however,
be able to see the instructor’s computer screen and the whiteboard work for the duration of the class.

You simply ask a question as you would in a regular class. We do not use chat to communicate. That would never work for a class. Only HD audio is used in CAD Training Online classes. HD Audio is handled via your computer’s built-in speakers and microphone (any laptop built within the last 5 years has these) or you can purchase a USB headset. If you do not have a headset for your computer audio you will also need a speakerphone that does not operate on batteries. You don’t want to hold a phone for hours at a time. Cordless phones’ batteries will die after a couple of hours. Make sure that you have a standard speakerphone, a computer with speakers, and a built-in microphone or a USB headset.

We will conduct one to one training for online instructor-led classes. By keeping class sizes one to one we’re able to ensure personalized attention for the students regardless of the instructor’s physical location –
in the same room, across the country, or somewhere in between.

Of course, you can attend via online instructor-led from your home or office. To attend from your own location you should have at minimum a computer with a high-speed internet connection, a USB headset,
or a speaker/hands-free phone with unlimited long-distance. While we hope that you find someplace comfortable to attend class, please ensure that you will not be interrupted during the training. Learning a complex CAD program is challenging enough. The last thing that you need is a distraction while you are learning.

CAD Training Online’s Virtual CAD Classroom events are a convenient way to experience direct interaction with an Autodesk Certified Instructor without the costs associated with travel to off-site locations and
public training venues. This method of attending training is very cost effective while still offering all of the benefits of face-to-face delivery. CAD Training Online has created best practices for delivering virtual
training that set the industry standard through our “bring the classroom on-line” approach, affording participants the ability to interact with the presenter and even network with other students. Through the combination of live instructor interaction, High Definition VOIP and live video desktop sharing within the training portal we are able to 100% simulate the classroom experience.

Same expert instructors as our classroom training Same content – enhanced for online delivery Save time and money by avoiding expensive travel Higher skill retention Zero travel expenses and no carbon
footprint Efficient training for coworkers across multiple locations Classes available both day and night
Train at home, office, or anywhere you have an Internet connection Lab access for the full duration of the class 100% Student Satisfaction Program

To attend this method of training you will need a computer that can connect to the internet via a stable
high-speed internet connection. Your connection needs to be at least 1 Mb for both download and upload.
You can utilize this website to test your internet connection speed. Please test several different locations to ensure that you can achieve an average download and upload speed of at
least 1 Mb. Testing should be run during peak times of internet activity in your office.

Yes, there will be ongoing Technical Support for every student.
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