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CREO is a suite of software that gives 3D CAM/CAD/CAE software solutions. It had been previously called PRO ENGINEER. It was created by Parametric Technology Corporation (PTC) which supports product design for discreet manufacturers. The credit for marketing the feature-based solid modeling software goes to PTC because it was the primary to plug the merchandise. CREO supports the following features:

Used for solid modeling.

Used for assembly modeling and Drafting.

Provides parametric and direct modeling.

Used for finite element analysis.


Samuel P Geisberg created PRO/E within the mid-1980s. it had been the primary successful parametric 3D CAD modeling system. So as to urge an honest glimpse of the historical developments of the software, we’ll undergo the timeline of the events.

1985: Parametric Technology Company was founded. 1988: PRO/E launched.

1992: PRO/E was named “Technology of the year” & caterpillar becomes the most important customer of PTC.

2002: PRO/E Wildfire Released (it was the primary Cad system to support web services). 2010: “CREO elements/pro” launched.

2011-13: CREO Parametric with various versions starting from R1.0-R2.0 was launched.


Manufacturers using Creo have experienced a particular rise in productivity levels and faster time to plug. In Industry, the concept engineering group uses the Creo software to design several workable components and their prototype before passing it to the detail design team. The engineer simplifies the model to be designed before preprocessing with the assistance of Creo. it’s in demand everywhere the world due to certain important reasons:

It offers the foremost robust functionality, with an entire solution.

It helps within the creation of advanced geometry.

Manages assemblies on an outsized scale of companies like Boeing, Ferrari.

Can produce “production-ready drawings”.

The demand is immense; the only requirement is skills equipped with knowledge. For this, the students have to join CREO training. Thus, students must ensure to equip optimum knowledge and climb the ladders of success.


OPA E-Learning Solutions being the specialized training school, provides international quality education to the Engineering students and other professionals, having training in India. Its innovative training methodology is about to determine a fostering mind-set that comes with all elements of design and

engineering to reinforce the candidate’s professional capabilities.

the great coverage of the topics is the reason behind its success. Important domains covered by the company in CREO training are:

  • Mould designing, Die casting and progressive tool.
  • Emphasis on high tech and innovative design.
  • 3D modeling.

“Machine Design and Engineering Graphics” is the important theme covered under this software and students are given rigorous training to hone their skills, then student steps into 3D modeling to finally become truly professional. Hence OPA E-Learning Solutions molds the scholar optimally.

The company believes in quality training and provides an innovation-friendly environment. Hence students should prefer joining the CREO training for 6/8 weeks to become a real professional and meet the worldwide standards.

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