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CATIA stands for Computer-Aided Three-dimensional Interactive Application. It’s a multi-platform CAD/CAM software suite written within the C++ programming language. It widely used CAD/CAM software and is considered because of the most powerful and effective knowledge-based software.


It was the innovative mind and years of diligence by Francis Bernard that led to the birth of CATIA. CATIA gained the quantum jump in sales when IBM became its distributor. The Brief time-line of CATIA Development is as follows:

1984: Boeing becomes the most important customer of CATIA because it chose CATIA as its main 3D tool.

1990: So as to design the US navy’s Virginia class submarine, General Dynamics Electric Boat Corp. choose CATIA together of its main tools.

1998: The newer version of V5 was released which supported UNIX, Windows NT and Windows XP. 2008: CATIA V6 was launched by Dassault, client support was dropped.

2011: Newer version V6 R2012 was released by Dassault.


The statistics of the industry clearly reflects job opportunities and industry demands. It’s been observed that:

CATIA is employed because the Global standard for aircraft design as almost 80% of the aircraft companies use CATIA in designing the aircraft.

60% of the automotive companies implement the utilization of CATIA in designing the innovative components of the car.

Around 60-70% of the helicopter/civilian/commercial plane companies use CATIA.

It is employed by designers, architects, manufacturing entities and industrial engineers, therefore the job opportunities are immense.

All these facts show that students who will join online CATIA Training will have a more stable and rewarding career. CATIA is the standard software for designing finds applications altogether the industries. Therefore there are abundant job opportunities for college students or working professional who choose CATIA Training to prove their credibility in the industry.


OPA E-Learning Solutions the innovative “high-end technology” training provider has the experience of training students with expert knowledge in designing the merchandise. OPA E-Learning Solutions is a training school having experience of many years in providing training and excellent placement assistance to engineering students with multiple options of training facility across India. The excellent coverage of the topics is the reason behind its success. Important domains covered in CATIA training by the OPA E- Learning Solutions are:


Emphasis on automotive and aircraft design technology

3D modeling

OPA E-Learning Solutions provides 6/8 Weeks CATIA training that molds the student optimally. Some features of OPA E-Learning Solutions which set it apart are:

Highly supportive trainers who are experts in the field.

Online classes to facilitate NRI and anxious students with virtual learning.

Excellent interactions among the students regarding the topic.

Highly structured course contents.

OPA E-Learning Solutions believes in quality training and thus provides a friendly environment. Hence, OPA E-Learning Solutions is the best choice for college students to join CATIA training.

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