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AutoCAD or Automatic Computer Aided Design is a computer software application that’s used for designing or drafting of 2D and 3D objects.

AutoCAD is used across various industries. Its main benefit is working on AutoCAD helps students to develop imagination.


The concept of AutoCAD was developed around 1977-1979 using the software called Interact CAD. It had been first released in 1982 and was developed and marketed by Autodesk Inc. John Walker was the founding father of Autodesk who purchased AutoCAD before its release.


AutoCAD is an indivisible part of Mechanical engineering field. Its demand is immense and students having skills in AutoCAD can have wide domain to satisfy their dreams in any part of the world. Top automobile companies Design their cars having aerodynamic with sculpted chassis and designing of bonnet area up to the optimum levels is completed using this technology. Students having interest in automobile industry can have interesting career.


OPA E-Learning Solutions is the innovative technology training provider. The great coverage of topics is the reason behind its success. The important domains covered by the company are:

  • 2D Drafting
  • Isometric Drafting
  • 3D Modeling

Each of the domains is covered with extensive exposure to practical skills and good attention from the expert trainers at each level of development. It’s ensured that the students gain good knowledge within the application of the abilities learned in 2D drafting, Isometric drafting which is used to project 3D objects in 2D for technical and engineering drawings.

It gives student depth knowledge of the topic, then student steps into 3D modelling to finally become true professional. Hence, OPA E-Learning Solutions moulds the student optimally. Working professionals can even enroll with the short term course or vocational education at OPA E-Learning Solutions which will assist them to upgrade their learning of technology, salary increment and promotion in company.

Some features of OPA E-Learning Solutions are:

  • Highly supportive trainers who are experts within the field.
  • Excellent interactions among the students regarding the topic.
  • Highly structured course contents to match industry standards.
  • OPA E-Learning Solutions believes in quality training and supply innovative friendly environment. Hence, OPA E-Learning Solutions is the best choice for college students or working professionals providing 4/6 weeks training and internship classes on AutoCAD for Indian as well as NRI students from diverse countries to induce trained up to the standards of international level.
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