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Ansys Software is employed to simulate computer models of structures, electronics or machine components for analyzing the strength, toughness, elasticity, temperature distribution, electromagnetism, fluid flow and other attributes.


The first commercial version of Ansys software was labeled version 2.0 and released in 1971. At the time, the software was made from boxes of punch cards, and therefore the program was typically run overnight to get results the subsequent morning. In 1975, non-linear and thermo-electric features were added. The software was exclusively used on mainframes until version 3.0 (the second release) was introduced for the VAXstation in 1979. Version 3 had a command-line interface like DOS.

In 1980, Apple II was released, allowing Ansys to convert to a graphical interface in version 4 later that year. Version 4 of the Ansys software was easier to use and added features to simulate electromagnetism. In 1989, Ansys began working with Compuflo. Compuflo’s Flotran fluid dynamics software was integrated into Ansys by version 5, which was released in 1993. Performance improvements in version 5.1 shortened time interval two to four-fold and were followed by a series of performance improvements to stay pace with advancements in computing.


ANSYS is a world-class software in engineering simulation. The world’s most innovative companies make use of this software for the creation of radically better products and sell it to their customers.

So, it makes a superb opportunity to find out the software, solve the foremost complex design challenges, brilliant engineer products and fill the skill gap.


OPA E-Learning Solutions is the market leader in “High End Technology” training. With highly supportive trainers, learning the certifications becomes easy. Hence it becomes an excellent opportunity for college students or working professionals to join the Ansys Training programs for 6/8 weeks because it will nurture and make the scholar highly skilled. OPA E-Learning Solutions focuses on two important domains in Ansys Training. They are

  • Structure Analysis
  • Thermal Analysis

The company has the experience of many years in Ansys Training. So, students should believe the experts. Further it’s certain added advantages as compared to other companies.

  • Intellectual discussions environment among the trainers and students.
  • Highly structured course contents to match industry standards.
  • Student to trainer ratio is balanced. Hence, proper attention is given to every student.
  • Placement assistance in top MNCs.
  • Expert trainers for giving practical industrial training.

There is nothing as rewarding because the education and also the knowledge of an individual. So, students should believe gathering quality knowledge. In order that they must think about OPA E- Learning Solutions as they’re going to get the specified environment for learning and help them achieving success.

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