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The world is now online. The internet has made it easier for companies and makes to succeed in their audience. Similarly, consumers can also now easily know anything and everything about a brand, company, products and services online. With the increasing reach of the net in India, digital marketing now plays an integral part in the marketing strategy of companies.

And it’s a knowledgeable digital marketer who can help such companies implement an efficient marketing strategy within the virtual world. This can be a superb opportunity for students who want to form a career in marketing.

As a Digital Marketing professional your job would be to present and promote your client on the net in a way that engages the consumers. As a great deal would depend upon you and therefore the decisions you’re taking, it’s vital for you to be well-versed with all the newest happenings of the digital world.



Most of the social networking sites the dominate our lives today: Facebook was launched in 2004, reaching a million of users in just minimum time period. Also, SMS-inspired microblogging site Twitter was founded in 2006, and Twitter introduce the hashtag in 2007; while the Instagram was launched (and gained its first highly reaching million users) in 2010.

This six year span is almost the most important years in the history of social media, remember not just for the huge number of networks launched and founded during the period, but also for what they each do to manage it.


As these sites competed for users and revenue to become rapidly growing sites to manage their position to become the best.



An experienced SMM expert is always in demand for career scope. He may be working on his own or if he is employed by a digital marketing agency or so one of the good marketing companies. If they have done big budget, multi – industry and multi product / services Work, there would be a great value for their skills.

Also their talent and naturally the price for their skill wills increase if they have knowledge and experience of related fields. These could be Social Media Marketing Manager, Social Media Marketing Executive and so on. They are always in demand for their Skills and Creative ideas.



There is nothing as fruitful because the education and therefore the knowledge of a particular. So, students should consider collecting quality knowledge. In order that they must consider OPA E-Learning Solutions as they’re going to get the specified atmosphere for learning/training and help them to accomplish success. OPA E-Learning Solutions has the vast experience of furnishing quality training in “high-end technologies”. Students and professionals get trained by expert trainers who have demonstrated their credibility within the industry. OPA E-Learning Solutions is a training company having knowledge of coaching the students and experts for over many years in various technologies. So, students should believe the experts. Further, it’s convinced added advantages as compared to other companies.

In addition, the company has certain worth mentioning features:

  • Reconstruct course content display smart learning/training and assure the successful completion of the course.
  • Creative learning atmosphere thanks to conclusive and intellectual conferences with the experts and associate groups.
  • Placement benefit in top MNCs.
  • Small Batch Size for more special attention.
  • 100% Placement contingency.
  • The current course materials & conclusive modules.
  • Certified and Industry accomplished trainer.
  • Provoking convention & workshops about current technologies.
  • Communication accomplishment and pre-placement workshops.
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